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All treatments are carried out by a qualified and fully-insured therapist. Late or non-arrivals for appointments will be charged in full for the booked period.

Payments by cash only. Payment for all treatments is expected at the time of service. Medical history will be required when attending first session.

All treatments include acupuncture at no extra cost if preferred and/or requested and with time permitting.

The Rising Crane Centre

5 Melbourne Street


MK42 9AX

07814  441548


Monday - Thursday 12-8pm  |  Friday Closed  |  Saturday 12-4pm  |  Sunday Closed


30mins - £25  |  45 mins - £35


All of our massage treatments are based around you and your specific needs – whether that's reducing pain, soothing tired or injured muscles, or just helping you get on track with your fitness goals. We're here to help you get the most out of your treatment.

By utilising advanced soft tissue techniques we can also help improve flexibility and range of motion. And if you're recovering from a sports injury, regular sports massage sessions with Body Sage Clinic are ideal for promoting a faster recovery. We'll be able to give helpful advice as part of your rehab plan and make sure you're not overusing the muscles – helping to reduce your risk of further sports injuries.

Our therapy sessions use a combination of deep tissue massage, facilitated stretching and various forms of soft tissue manipulation that work to trigger point release deep into the muscles, tendons and ligaments. This helps to stretch and loosen tight, overworked or injured muscle fibres and other soft tissue such as fascia.

Rehabilitative exercise may also be prescribed as part of the treatment process. Strengthening the muscles weakened by your injury will help ensure a speedier recovery.