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How quickly will I feel the benefit from a Sports Massage?

Friday, 8 December 2017 13:25

Actually during the treatment you should start feeling the benefits. By the end of the treatment you should be feeling much better than when you started. I’ve had occasions where people have been all twisted up through their back, in terrible pain, and they’ve left walking upright and feeling fantastic. But, for everyone of those I’ve had just a many who have had to hobble back out afterwards. They’re moving better and their muscles are less stiff, but they are still none-the-less in pain. In a case like that it’s best to get them back in for another treatment in four to seven days to build on what we’ve already achieved. In the days following the treatment you would expect to see some further alleviation of the symptoms to work from, as It can sometimes take a couple of days to realise the full benefit of a sports massage. A little perseverance on your part can actually be one of the major factors when trying sort out an injury. I personally will give a therapist as many as four tries to prove themselves as sometimes one or two sessions just isn’t enough for them to achieve their treatment plan. If I haven’t seen enough of an improvement after three sessions, then I'll start questioning the validity of their methods and consider looking elsewhere. But, with that said, injuries are really difficult to treat and the expections of the customer need to be managed so that they don’t lose hope in ever fixing their problem. Trevor