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How to book an appointment

Sunday, 17 December 2017 09:26

These are three best options for booking an appointment.

Online - On my website, mobile site, Facebook page and Google Maps listing there is the option to go directly to my online calendar. You’ll need to create a login, this so we can track your previous appointments and for you to manage and rearrage your sessions. To make life easier you can login using your Facebook or Google accounts. You won’t get spammed by me or by my calendar for choosing any of these options. Also, I don’t have access to your personal data by doing so. After booking you will recieve an email confirming your appointment. This will have your appointment details and options to cancel/reschedule your appointment if needed. For the more tech orrientated among you, there is the option to drop your appointment straight into your calendar by selecting the attached .ics file. The whole process should take less that 2-3 minutes, and you can even leave me a message in the notes section about what you’d like to work on. Simples!

Phone - Pretty self explanatory. There’s an answer phone if I’m unable to take your call. I rarely take more than an hour to get back in contact. But, please leave me a message if I can’t answer.

Text/Facebook Messenger - Yep, happy with that too. As with calling, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Including your name and email address for booking confirmation is handy too.

Hope this helps, Trevor