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Top Five Celeb Diets to avoid in 2018 as published by the BBC

Tuesday, 12 December 2017 12:16

Here's an article I found particularly irritating. How many celebrities have to follow a particular diet for it's considered a "Celebrity Diet"? Nope, I don't know either. But, if your interested here is my assessment of the Top Five Celeb Diets to avoid in 2018 as published by the BBC.


Raw Vegan - This just screams "faddy" to me. Militant vegans competing with each other to see who can be the most vegan.

Alkaline - Definitely needs some scientific research, but I see no harm in choosing more alkaline foods over acidic ones. I'll be keeping my eye on this idea as it has been proved that the alkalinity of your blood can be altered, it just wasn't done using food.

Katie Price Supplements - The supplement industry is worth billions of pounds a year all across the globe, but supplements don't really constitute a "celebrity diet" in my opinion. On the face of it she seems to offering a Slim Fast style of dieting. Shake for breakfast and lunch, that sort of thing. Bit old hat these days.

Pioppi Diet - Seems sensible to me. Basically a low carb Mediterranean style diet. The "experts" criticised it for cashing in on the regular Mediterranean style diet. 🙄

Ketogenic Diet - This isn't an easy one, and I think the "experts" have done it a disservice by seemingly only having read the headlines about it. I wouldn't actually consider it a diet as such. Instead, it's a physical state brought about by restricting carbohydrates. Just like any other low carb style of eating it brings about a ketogenic state where the body will prefer to use fats for energy. I've been following this style of diet for some years now, and while it isn't for everyone it has worked for me. And I certainly don't have any trouble getting enough fibre as our experts are so keen to point out.

Summary - Finding a "diet" that works for you isn't about the celebrity who's promoting themselves by promoting it. It's about finding one that works for you. And that requires research and practice on your part. Diet is THE most important and effective method for losing and/or maintaining a healthy body weight, not exercise (obviously important though), and as such it's worth investing time into. If you're hungry and miserable on your current diet ... change it.