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What should I wear for a sports massage?

Monday, 11 December 2017 14:15

Comfort and accessibilty are king when having a sports massage. Personally, whenever I go for a treatment I wear comfortable sportswear. Things that are easy to remove or reposition, and clothes that I don’t mind if they get a little bit of oil or lotion on. If I’m having my legs done, then I’ll wear shorts. If I’m having my neck and shoulders done I’ll just take my t-shirt off. If I’m having my lower back done I’ll make sure that I wear something that allows me to have my waistband a little lower than my hips so the therapist can work on my upper glutes if need be. I definitely won’t wear trousers or jeans if I’m having my lower back treated. They’re just too stiff and restrictive if any joint manipulation is needed. So if you’re coming straight from work, be prepared and throw a couple of items in your bag for your treatment. If you have an outdoor job, then definitely bring a change of clothes. Cleanliness and hygiene are important, not just for you but also for whoever is having a massage after you. If you’re coming straight from the gym, please have a shower first and change out of any sweaty gear. That’s more for my benefit than yours.