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Therapy tips for runners

Tuesday, 2 January 2018 09:27

Its almost the season for those runners amongst you to dust off your trainers and start training for a marathon. Late January to May is when I see the most runners as they might be typically stepping up their mileage ready for a marathon or 10k in the spring. Here’s some tips for keeping your legs in good working order for the miles ahead.

Warming up - Can’t stress just how beneficial a good warm up can be, but theres more to it than just getting your muscles up to a working temperature. An often overlooked part of a warm up is joint mobilisation. So before you start your warm up, work through your ankles, knees, hips and lower back with gentle circular motions. After that, work through flexion and extension of the same joints. Stretching isn’t overly important at this point, but if you find a muscle that feels a little tighter than usual, give it a light stretching.

Cooling down - Just as important as a good warm up. This could be a few minutes of walking after your run. Your cool down has finished when you have stopped sweating, your body temperature has started to decline, and when your heart rate has also declined. Stretching - All runners tell me that they stretch, and I’m sure they do, a bit. However, in my experience, almost none of you stretch enough. I’m more than happy to get paid to treat issues caused from lack of stretching. Of all the runners I treat, 75% of the issues could be mitigated by stretching. It’s a good source of business. Best time to stretch is at the end of your run as a part of your cool down. 30 seconds per muscle group.

Massage Rollers - Awesome piece of home equipment, and cheap as chips to buy. Can be used anytime you like, but are particularly useful as part of your cool down.

Hot bath - A hot bath will increase circulation throughout your entire body and increase your metabolism by around 50%. This will help your body metabolise the byproducts created during exercise and reduce post workout soreness.

Massage Therapy - That niggling ache you have somewhere, maybe in your calves, hips or knees. You might think it’ll be ok and that you can train through it. Don’t! It won’t get better on its own, or at least it’s very unlikely. Go and see someone.

Happy marathoning, Trevor