How Do Weak Glutes Affect Our Back Health?

Glute Advice & Exercises

Your bottom needs working to ensure that the rest of your body works correctly. Your bottom consists of a range of important muscles – Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius, and the Gluteus Minimus, connecting the pelvis to the thigh bone.

If your gluteus are not strong enough your body may utilise the wrong muscles, this may in turn lead to nerve damage or pain, muscle spasms or lower back pain.

If you spend hours sitting at a desk each day, or have other sedentary jobs such as driving you are not using your muscles correctly. Your hip flexors may become tightened and your Gluteus lengthened, leading to weakness.

Signs of Weak Glues may include the following:

Knee or Hip Pain

If you have pain occurring in the front of the knee while running, or of your hips act on the outside this may be an indicator of weak glutes.

Bad Posture

We’ve previously talked about posture whilst sitting at your desk while working. Slouching, not using your chair correctly, or having the wrong kind of chair can be both a cause, and an indicator or weak gluteus. This may in turn leak to pack pain.

Gait Problems

If your weak glut is affecting your hip, this in turn may lead to an incorrect gait. You may find you’re running with a sway, or moving abnormally.

Glute Excercises

If you suffer from weak glutes you can strengthen them with simple exercises. Here’s a short video to help you strengthen your glutes. For a personalised assessment and help please book an appointment with me at my Bedford Clinic.