How to set up your desk: Posture Advice for Office Workers

Office Desk Setup for Correct Posture

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that prolonged sitting is not good for you. Medical studies have cited prolonged sitting as being detrimental to health, with an effect on illnesses and even mortality.

Office workers may spend around 55% of their day sitting at work. Prolonged sitting at work can cause back and neck pain. Additionally, your work computer can cause injuries associated with fingers and wrists. You can avoid many sicknesses associated with a poor workstation. Setting up your workstation well can help you sit comfortably and avoid many problems for your body. Here are four ways you can feel more comfortable at your work desk.

Your Chair

Back pain from office chair

A chair is a crucial feature in your work desk. You probably spend a great deal of time sitting on it. An uncomfortable chair will make your life difficult. It will not only require you to constantly shift your sitting position but also cause you a lot of pain.

A good chair can make your life at work easier. Here are tips for making your chair comfortable:

Ensure that your back has support. Sitting without support for your back increases your likelihood of developing back pain. The continuous strain on your back can lead to undesirable pain. Sitting on a chair that has support for your back reduces the risk of having back pain. It also helps you find a comfortable posture that can make you more productive.

Get an adjustable chair. Different people have different sitting positions they feel comfortable in. An adjustable chair can help you find your comfortable position. Adjusting the back position, height and tilt can help reduce the strain on your back.

Setting up your seat. You should adjust your seat to be at elbow height with your desk. This will avoid you constantly straining to reach your computer or reach your desk. You should also ensure your feet rest on the floor in a flat position while your thighs are parallel to your floor. This will ensure the floor supports some of your weight.

Positioning your arms rest. Getting support for your arms helps supports your weight. You should use one whose height is ideal for you. Your arms rest should not interfere with your movement and your comfortable posture.

Placing your footrest. If your feet do not reach the floor, you can get a footrest. A footrest can help alleviate lower back fatigue and the pressure your thighs feel as a result of your seat’s front edge.

Your Desk

Whether you’re going through documents on your desk or using a computer, it’s important to get your working position correct.

Here are a few tips for setting up your desk well:

Ensure your desk is close to your chair. You should put your desk at a distance that can enable you to work comfortably. You should not stretch to reach your desk. You should work while resting your back on the lumbar of your chair. The desk’s height should also be at elbow height to avoid discomfort reaching your desk.

Arrange your desk in a logical manner. A disarranged desk is likely to often make you stretch to reach the things you need. This frequent stretching can have unwanted consequences such as neck pain. You can avoid developing any complications by arranging your desk in a logical manner. Place the items you often use close to you. You may also consider getting a drawer to put some of your items. You may also consider getting a desk organiser to help you organize your desk.

Your Computer

A computer can cause you several problems at work. Your days are normally spent on your computer hence you need to ensure it is safe for you. Here are tips for ensuring your computer is safe for your fitness and general being:

Ensure you are comfortable with your screen. Your screen needs to be right in front of you and level with your eyes. This is important as it will ensure that you barely have to shift your neck to see your monitor while in a comfortable posture. Constantly shifting your neck can lead to neck pain.

Ensure your keyboard and mouse are easy to reach. You should place them in a strategic position such that you can easily reach them while seated comfortably. You will constantly use the pair hence reaching them should not strain you.

Correct seating position at a computer

Take breaks and exercise

Sitting in one position for too long can have unwanted consequences. It is advisable to take breaks often to avoid any discomfort. You should occasionally stand up and stretch or walk around a little. You should also exercise your body to improve your fitness and get rid of any quadriceps lag. Exercises such as squats and leg extension are advisable.

You are at work for a significant amount of time. You should try to be as comfortable as possible while at work. Properly organizing your workstation can help make your work life comfortable. Setting up your chair, desk and computer to ensure you find a comfortable posture can help avoid back and neck pains. Taking breaks and exercising can also ensure you do not have any problems due to the prolonged sitting at work. You should make adjustments today to avoid or fix any complications.