Posture Advice for Gaming and Live-Streaming

Posture advice for gamers

We all know that video gaming and streaming aren’t really known for best posture practices, but with the right setup, we can protect ourselves from pains and aches. How many times have you seen video game players hunched over with forward leaning heads and round shoulders? This position creates a terrible amount of stress and pressure on our bodies.

What is Posture?

Posture is defined as “The arrangement of our body parts in relation to each other in the various positions and movements that we assume during the day.” This is broken down into what is know as static posture and dynamic posture. We need to practice good posture not only while we are playing games, but also while we are away from the console, or computer.

Benefits of Good Posture

There are a number of benefits to good posture, everything from being at your optimal physical capacity to improved cognitive functions. This all means that with good posture you will start to see a decrease in stress levels, being tired, and an increase in your confidence. You’ll start to notice more energy, a diminish in joint stress, your breathing will improve, along with the improvement of your heart, and overall circulation.

How to Improve your Posture

We all can see ourselves now, playing a game, shoulders hunched over, head tilted forward, and our arms in all sorts of crazy positions. By sitting in the typical gamer position you are forcing your muscles to support your body in a way that it is not used to. By simply pushing your shoulders back, lifting your head up and keeping your elbows at a 90-degree angle, you can start to improve your posture.

Keep in mind this isn’t going to be an easy fix. In fact, depending on how bad your posture is, it might hurt a little. The best advice someone can give is to take it slow. Start by practicing this posture position for thirty minutes at a time. Make sure to take breaks. Everyone needs a break from what they are doing. Take a few minutes to stand up stretch and walk around a bit, this will help improve your dynamic posture in the process. This includes sitting in gaming chairs and lying in bed with your phone to your face. Finally, remember a good chair to sit in.

Gaming Chairs

A gaming chair is a necessity for those that are playing video games for long periods of time. Most gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to help improve comfort and posture for gamers. Basically, gaming chairs have support for areas such as the lower back, upper back, shoulders, head, neck, hips, and arms.

Remember, just because it is called a gaming chair doesn’t mean you need to use it solely for gaming. These chairs are great for work, live streams, and even just browsing your phone.

What should You look for in a Gaming Chair?


Some of the important things to remember when picking out a gaming chair would be size. Make sure that the size of the chair is right for you. An undersized chair can leave you feeling cramped and sore in areas that should be free and comfortable. On the other hand a chair that is too big for you will result in stress on hips and knees, and won’t be comfortable either.

The next thing to think about is the padding on your chair. Keep in mind you are going to be sitting on this chair for a couple of hours, so you want to pick something that is comforting and supporting for your body. You don’t want the padding to wear out too fast, especially for the price of this chairs.

A final thing to remember, when picking out the right gaming chair is that you would want the chair’s back to move and rest in the right angles. Gaming with your back straight up can be a little difficult for a period of hours on end, so a chair that can be put into the 100-135 degree position is perfect for nice, relaxed, rested, but still supported gameplay.

Being on our phones, live-streaming and even gaming can be a very fun pass time, but it isn’t something to break our backs over. Start simply by keeping in the back of your mind your posture. Practice good posture, by sitting up, pushing your shoulders back, and lifting your head up, and take breaks. Then finally, all of this coupled with the right gaming chair and you will be well on your way to improving your posture. It will take a little dedication, but the improvements to your health is well worth it.