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The Body Sage Sports Massage Clinic is a friendly and professional clinic providing sports massage, deep tissue massage and acupuncture. We have been based in the centre of Bedford since 2010 and specialise in offering a high quality, local and affordable massage therapy service. Whether you’ve got a sports injury, are working to improve your general fitness or just have a crick in your neck, all of our treatments are designed to get you pain-free and back at your best as soon as possible. We do this with top-notch treatments that help to promote and improve muscle recovery, physical fitness, flexibility and your general wellbeing.

Here at the Body Sage Sports Massage Clinic, we can also help to reduce your rehabilitation times to fit in with your exercise plan and ease your physical and mental stress levels, whether you’re an athlete or not. If you’re suffering from physical pain, whether that’s from exercising, gardening or just sitting at a desk, a sports massage will get you back at your best faster than resting alone.

The easiest way to book an appointment is via our online calendar, it’ll only take a minute or two. You will be asked to create a login, this is so we can track your previous appointments and treatment notes. Appointments can be rescheduled and/or cancelled via our online calendar up to 12hrs prior to your appointment. Notifications and confirmations are sent by text and email and come with a handy link that will drop the appointment straight into the calendar on your chosen device.

If you have any questions or need to discuss anything prior to your appointment at the Body Sage Sports Massage Clinic, please give us a call. We’re more than happy to help in whatever way we can.


Sports Massage


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Deep Tissue Massage


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