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The Body Sage Clinic, a specialist sports massage, deep tissue massage and acupuncture clinic in Bedford. We have been proudly fixing your aches and pains and improving your sports performance since 2010.

We are a professional and certified massage clinic based in Bedford, providing the highest quality services at great prices. We’re experts at treating all manner of injuries and muscular pain.

All of us are struck by physical pain at some point during our lives. Could be from exercise, gardening or just sitting at a desk. Our massage and acupuncture treatments promote and improve muscle recovery, physical fitness, flexibility and your overall wellbeing.

Here at The Body Sage Massage Clinic in Bedford, we can help reduce rehabilitation times to fit in with your exercise plan and ease your physical and mental stress levels. Acupuncture is optional and there is no extra charge for it as a part of a sports massage treatment. You can book an Acupuncture session its own too if required.

To book an appointment, our online calendar is accessible 24/7 via our website or social media pages. Our calendar automatically sends you a reminder prior to your session. You can reschedule or cancel up to 12 hours prior to your appointment. After that period you would need to contact us in person.

Need to discuss anything prior to your booking? Please give us a call, we’re always happy to help!


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