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How to get a Better Night’s Sleep

Everyone wants to sleep well. If this is something you struggle with, you are not alone. One in three adults suffer from sleep problems such as insomnia, and the negative side effects attributed to poor sleep are the stuff of nightmares. Improving your sleep quality is about your approach. To…

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Upper Back Pain – The Office Worker’s Curse

Upper Back Pain seems to have become the problem I treat with the greatest frequency. For quite some time it seemed that most people visited for low back problems, but now it seems that upper back pain has taken its mantle. It would appear that our sedentary jobs and digital…

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What Causes Upper Neck Pain, and How to Treat it

Upper neck pain is very common, and along with lower back pain is one of the conditions I treat most frequently. Symptoms can vary from dull aches all the way through to agonising pain, limited movement and chronic headaches. There can be many causes of upper neck pain, but I…

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