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Well, it’s been a pretty intense week at the Body Sage Clinic since our old website died. In the last 9-10 days, I’ve been beavering away designing an entirely new site in WordPress while simultaneously learning how to use WordPress. But, it’s always fun, well for me at least, to flex my computer nerd muscles from time to time. There’s still much fiddling to do, but it would seem, or at least I hope, that the bulk of the work is done. Apologies if there are things that don’t work as you might expect. I’ve tested it rigorously, but you never can tell until it’s out there in the real world. I’m sure I’ll be bust tweaking bits and pieces for many weeks to come. If you’ve visited over the last few days and haven’t found what you were expecting, I apologise for that too. Sometimes the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan and you have to do your best to wipe the mess off the walls, the floor and the ceiling.

In other news – I’m currently looking into being able to offer an online payment method through the existing calendar system, or maybe a new calendar system depending on compatibility. I’d also like to able to add another therapist to cover mornings at the body sage clinic, but at the moment that will depend on demand.

Well, I think that about covers things for the moment. Many thanks, Trevor.

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