What Type of Massage Do I Need?

The Body Sage - Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Massage has been practiced for centuries and recognized as the oldest form of healing. When people sustain various injuries, they may need to have different types of massage therapy performed. The act of massage uses pressure and tension to the soft tissues of the body, including such things as tendons, joints, muscles, lymphatic vessels, connective tissue, and ligaments plus it’s used as a form of therapy to improve circulation and blood flow, relieve psychological stress, heal injury and manage pain.

Shiatsu Massage therapy

Originated in Japan, this is a traditional therapy which uses the Chinese meridian system to promote the concept that blocked energy channels, which eventually makes an individual vulnerable to stress and diseases. Therapists will use their thumbs, fingers, palms, and elbows to put pressure on specific areas of the body along the meridians (energy lines) and combines this with rotation and stretching to correct the flow of chi or energy. This type of massage will greatly benefit those who frequently suffer from back pain, headaches, depression, and asthma.

Deep Tissue Massage

This type of massage therapy technique is intended for inner muscle layers and re-aligns the connective tissues. The therapy is highly useful for the contracted tissue muscles around the shoulders, neck, and lower back, healing stiff necks and lower back rigidity. Usually, a person suffering from constant muscular tension and injury feels the pain emanating from adhesions, which are collections of painful tight muscles and tendons. It is assumed that adhesions block circulation, cause pain and inflammation while it also restricts a person’s movement.

This massage is recommended as the therapist physically works the adhesions and alleviates pain while helping to restore mobility. To achieve this objective, the deep tissue massage therapists often employ intense pressure or friction across the grain of the muscle. During deep tissue massage, the therapists use fingertips, knuckles, hand, elbows as well as the forearms. In the course of the massage, the therapist focuses on muscles settled below the top muscle layer as this is extremely effective for people suffering from constant pain.

Sports massage

It is a unique kind of massage that is intended to support sports players in their performance, endurance and also aims to improve the length of a sports career of the player. Besides, sports massage focuses less on relaxation, particularly for pregame massages. It is further divided into four sections: pre-event is done shortly before the match and intended to prepare the player’s muscles for exertion. Post-event takes place after the game and normalizes the athlete’s muscle tissue. Restorative is conducted during training to make it effective to reduce the risk of injury. And finally, rehabilitative is performed to help the athlete recover from an injury.

Each deployment of sports massage has its procedure as dictated by the type of massage. Regularly scheduled sports massage can decrease the chances of overuse injuries in the first place, and can also help reduce any inflammation that could potentially lead to injury. This type of massage also reduces the possibility of injury recurrence. Massage is the most powerful modality for healing soft-tissues injuries such as sprains, strains, and stress injuries. Sports massage works to promote proper healing to scar tissues, reduce pain from recovering injuries, and loosen tight muscle areas.

Swedish massage

It is used extensively by athletes and chronic pain sufferers as a pain relief remedy. The therapist who does this uses a variety of techniques – kneading, friction, tapping, hacking, and vibration – that go with rubbing in the same direction of the blood flow to the heart with long but smooth strokes designed to relax the muscles. This massage is highly recommended for first-timers and those who have chronic muscle fatigue since it improves blood flow and flushes out lactic and uric acid from the muscle tissues. Furthermore, this type of massage keeps your ligaments and tendons from becoming stiff, plus it effectively reduces the length of time for injured muscles to recover.


The art of massage therapy has been around for many years, which has lead to various techniques emerging. The primary goal for the different therapy techniques is to promote relaxation and healing; yet each method offers its unique approach to this goal. Remember; always speak to your physician before going to see a massage therapist.