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Proudly fixing your aches and pains and improving your sports performance since 2010.

The Body Sage Clinic

The Body Sage Clinic, a specialist sports massage, deep tissue massage, and acupuncture clinic in Bedford, has been proudly fixing your aches and pains and improving your sports performance since 2010.

We are a professional and certified massage clinic based in the centre of Bedford providing high-quality services at great prices. We believe that sports massagedeep tissue massage, and acupuncture can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments that can cause you pain or discomfort.

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At The Body Sage Clinic, we base our treatments around you and your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to reduce pain, soothe injured muscles, or helping get your fitness goals on track, our great team is here to help you get the most out of your sports massage.


We are a certified acupuncture clinic in Bedford that specialises in dry needling. Dry needling is a modern adaptation of traditional Chinese acupuncture as it helps problematic muscles to reconnect with the brain and stimulate your body’s natural pain-killing chemicals.


Deep tissue massage is a generic term to describe any form of massage that penetrates beyond the layers of the skin and into the muscles. As such many different types of massage therapy can be considered as a deep tissue treatment and will vary greatly.


Sports massage is regularly advertised as a treatment modality for only highly skilled athletic performers. The fact is, sports massage can be beneficial to ANYONE regardless of sporting ability or exercise participation.

Sports massage involves massage techniques that are applied in a rhythmic, deep, and manipulative fashion. Whilst it’s true that sports massage can be utilised both before and after sports events, many people use sports massage regularly to maintain muscle health, reduce pain and tension, and help improve movement, posture, and flexibility.

Office workers regularly suffer from tension headaches, shoulder, back, or neck pain. Sitting all day long in a static position is bound to create strain, interestingly similar to the strains placed on an athlete whilst training. This build-up in muscle tension can be helped by sports massage.


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