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Acupuncture can treat a variety of problems, from dull aches to difficult muscular pains – there are some problems that massage alone just doesn’t cure. That’s why we specialise in dry needling, a modern adaptation of traditional Chinese acupuncture.

Acupuncture helps problematic muscles to reconnect with the brain and stimulate your body’s natural pain-killing chemicals. It’s particularly effective in treating relentless muscular problems and can be quite relaxing. The needles we use are extremely fine and may be inserted for anything from a few seconds to several minutes depending on the symptoms of your condition. The sensation varies from person to person – some people feel a warm ache, while others feel nothing at all.

We practice a form of acupuncture called Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling or just Dry Needling for short. This differs from the traditional Chinese methods in that the ancient beliefs of ‘yin’, ‘yang’, and the energy ‘qi’ are substituted for a combined knowledge of physiology and pathology, anatomy, and the common principals of evidence-based medicine.

Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling is a treatment involving a needle being inserted into a trigger point of a muscle. A trigger point is an area of tightness in a muscle that is tender when pressure is put on it. They can be a source of pain and can commonly refer pain to different areas, each muscle has its own referral pattern. A muscle in the shoulder might often cause referral of pain into the hand or arm.

Many conditions can benefit from dry needling. These include knee pain, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, muscle spasms and repetitive strain injuries.


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Is there any scientific proof that acupuncture works? Yes, plenty, but it’s worth noting that scientific community is still undecided on many claims due to the difficulty of studying it. If you have a specific condition it may be advisable to research its effectiveness in treating your particular condition or giving us a call first to discuss your needs.

What does acupuncture do? There are too many benefits to list, but one of the most interesting things that acupuncture does is to help reduce the amount of pain you feel. It does this by acting on the pain control centres of the brain. It also helps stimulate blood circulation to the area being treated, which is a really useful aspect when dealing with muscular injuries.

What if I’m scared of needles? It’s worth noting that an acupuncture needle is nothing like a hypodermic needle used for an injection. They are much, much smaller. Ten or more needles would fit inside a standard hypodermic needle.

Is it safe? If done correctly, yes. All our therapists providing this service are qualified and insured to do so.

How big are the needles? The needles we use are between 25-75mm in length and between 0.22-0.33mm thick. By comparison, a human hair is about 0.1mm thick.

Does it cost extra to have acupuncture? No. All treatments at The Body Sage Clinic are the same price and include acupuncture if requested or required at no extra cost.

Can I book an acupuncture session on its own? Yes, just let us know if that’s what you want, or if booking online select the appropriate appointment from the list of options provided.