Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Sandy & Biggleswade

The Body Sage Clinic is just a short drive from Sandy & Biggleswade and specialises in deep-tissue massage therapy. Deep-tissue massage is a term used to describe most forms of firm, deep-pressure massage therapy. Many different types of massage can be considered deep-tissue (including sports massage), and the techniques and intended outcomes can vary greatly between styles. If you’re in pain or discomfort and looking for a firm treatment to help you relax and unwind, then a deep-tissue massage may be just what you’re looking for.

The Body Sage Clinic in Bedford offers a wide range of treatment options that include deep-tissue massage therapy techniques. All of which have been designed specifically with your needs in mind.

For most aches and pains, and more serious muscular injuries, we recommend choosing our Injury Therapy appointment. If you’re particularly sporty, we also have a range of treatments specially designed for your needs, called Sports Performance Therapy.

Where to find us

Our clinic is located on Tavistock Street in Bedford Town Centre. There’s plenty of nearby parking outside our clinic, and Queen Street Multi-Storey car park is less than 50 metres away. Parking on Tavistock Street and the surrounding streets is only free in the evening, but Queen Street Multi-Storey car park offers two hours of free parking every day.
Bedford Bus Station is just a short 5-minute walk away from the clinic.

Deep Tissue Massage Faq

Do you use any other forms of massage therapy besides sports massage?
Yes. We also use Chinese Tui Na, Dry Cupping Therapy, Myofascial Cupping Therapy, and on occasion a little bit of Gua Sha. If there’s a technique that works for a particular purpose we’ll use it for that purpose.

Why don’t you offer a specific deep-tissue massage for relaxation?
We used to offer this as a standalone treatment, but over the years the clinic has focussed more on treating pain and physical performance rather than relaxation.

I’ve had a deep tissue massage from a Swedish Massage Therapist in the past, how is what you do any different?
Swedish massage can be great for relaxing as it focuses on the largest sensory organ in the human body – the skin. Sports massage and Swedish massage may share similar techniques, but on a deeper level, they are very different styles of treatment and are not intended for the same purpose.

Do you do full body massage?
No. A full-body deep tissue treatment can take some time to do properly and can be rather exhausting for the therapist. In our experience, shorter targeted treatments are more effective. If a full-body treatment is what you require, looking for a treatment style with this in mind would be a good place to start. Not all Sports Massage therapists offer this as an option.

What other forms of deep-tissue massage are there?
Many traditional ethnic forms of massage could be considered as deep tissue. The most common would include Thai massage, Turkish massage, Shiatsu, and Chinese Tui Na.

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